Efficiently control logistics processes

Overcoming language barriers, a reliable supplier and contractor check-in process, time slot management, and access and waiting zone management are just some of the features JAMES offers you. This not only optimizes your processes, but also puts you on the safe side when it comes to TISAX, ISO 27001, Tapa or LBA certifications.

Why JAMES as a solution for process management?

Get an idea of the possibilities that JAMES has in store for logistics and let yourself be inspired.

Reduction of communicative barriers

Multilingualism is a daily problem, especially in logistics. Therefore, our kiosks speak over 20 languages. If that is not enough, we also have a simultaneous translation module for you.

Because time is money

Efficient processes and time savings mean hard cash, especially in logistics. With JAMES, you bundle different processes in one system and become more efficient.

From pre-registration to ramp

With JAMES, you get a system for handling various logistics processes. The advantage is obvious: consistency and seamlessness in the handling of your processes.

Legally compliant and auditable

Whether DSGVO, TISAX, TAPA, LFBA or embargo lists. With JAMES, you are always well advised when it comes to the planning, management and control and legal security of processes.

Are you prepared for TISAX, ISO 27001 and Co? JAMES supports you on the way to the right process.

Kiosk terminals for a self-sufficient access process

Autonomous check-in and check-out at the entrance to your premises is the be-all and end-all of digitizing your logistics processes. In combination with license plate recognition, this allows train driving processes to be almost completely automated and autonomous. Our kiosk systems speak more than 30 languages, ensuring the smoothest possible communication with truck drivers or outside companies.

The logistics process

Well organized from the road to the ramp.

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